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The following piece on the history of PunRes by Jansson was retrieved from the Internet Archive. Jansson's original post can be found here.


PunBB Resource This is one of my ongoing project and the most ambitious so far. The website serves as a repository for modifications and styles/templates for the forum software PunBB. It's also a meeting place for "modders" to meet and discuss how to modify the PunBB source code, and for users to get help installing the modifications. Lately, I've been starting to house other features as well, such as PunBB Boards Stats and a wiki.

It's built upon PunBB so I haven't written it from scratch, but the changes made is many and a lot of new features have been added. During the three years it has been around I have rewritten it several times. You could say that with every minor version of PunBB (1.x) there have been a new version of PunRes, and I'm already in the planning-stage for the next version based on the up-coming PunBB 1.3.


First version of PunBB Resource

First version of PunRes The idea came some time in the late beta phase of PunBB. People (including myself) had started to make modifications to the source to implement their wanted features. We then posted the changes on the official PunBB forum. As they became more complex and required several files etc. the need for hosting started to grow. That's when I got the idea of hosting a small website on my webserver, that at the time just stood around and buzzed in the closet all day. The site would serve one purpose, host the files, and let people search and rate different "mods". I released the first version back in 2003-08-16 and it got quite a good response from the community. It grew rapidly and I tried to keep it online as well as I could, but problems kept keeping me busy. One example is the hard disc that crashed, what, back-up? Nah. Too much work :-)

Some time later, I released version 2.1. By this time the forum had become a bigger part of the site. PunRes was now the meeting place for modders and designers to discuss and share tips on how to wrestle with the PunBB source code. The "Mod discussion" forum that had grown up on the official PunBB forums were therefor moved over to PunRes, or at least it was closed down at punbb.org.

It didn't take forever though (14 days) until the problems with the server came back to bite me in the ass. Yes, you guessed right, it crashed again. I don't seem to recall the exact reason why though. Anyway, along came "middleground", or Michael Lansberry and offered me some free hosting on his webhosting service. He even got the domain name, punres.net. The day was saved.

The time went on and everything worked pretty much flawless. Soon after the move, PunRes 3.0 came online. This time, the forum itself was the main point of the site. Later came 3.1 (current version) and a few new features. PunRes have since then moved once again to a new host.

The problem with the current PunRes is that the projects and styles doesn't get the attention they need. This is the target for the next version based on PunBB 1.3, to get a better balance between forum and project/style browsing.

(Last updated 2006-06-07)

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