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  1. Upload the unzip mod to your punbb installation
  2. Follow the guidelines in readme.txt or install.txt
  3. do the search & replace manually, there is no other option
  4. Run install_mod.php if present


The best way to install a mod is by editing the source code with a text editor and the readme.txt of the mod at hand.

After your have done all the changes, you can then upload all the modified files to your punbb live installation.


Q: Is there any mod installer available?
A: Yes, here are some links:

For punbb 1.3, there will be a mod installer:

Q: Current mod installers status?
A: None is currently maintained. All efforts are directed to the new punbb v1.3 mod installer. We agree that right now admins will have to manually install the mods in their forums.

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