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(This tutorial is just to get people going with PunRes style system. It will most likely be rewritten eventually.)

When making a style there's a couple of things you must have in mind. The most important to make the style work with PunRes style system is where to put the files. If you only uses the .css and _cs.css files, there's not much you can learn from this page. Just upload those two by following the steps.

If you uses images in your style, these must be placed under img/<your style name>/, e.g img/Oxygen/image.png.

If you are using templates, these must be placed under /include/template/<your style name>/. This is to make the PunRes style installer work. PunBB doesn't support style templates from the beginning, therefor, there is a couple of changes you need to make before you can use template styles. Those can be found by downloading the Style Installer. Just open the plugin in the admin interface and it tells you what to do.

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