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Here are a few guidelines to follow when writing articles.


Article names

Try to keep them short and as accurate as possible. Good examples are Add rank icons, Add a spellchecker, Open links in a new window. These are short and tells exactly what the article contains. This goes for file uploads aswell.

Also, if writing a "modification" article, please use simple present form, i.e "add", not "adding".


Please use an adequate amount of headlines. Don't make a new headline for every single step in a mod how-to. Instead, try to only use it on the files. A good example is Add quicktime and real video bbcode.


If you have to add your name to the article, please use the built-in signature function and add your name to the bottom of the page (example). Some articles from the old wiki system contained lines with the original author at the top (example). I've left these lines alone, but new articles will have their author lines removed or edited if not following the standard.


You doesn't have to worry about namespaces anymore. Every article is in the main namespace (no prefix). In MediaWiki, namespaces are predefined. This means that you can use for example Function: is_valid_email without the article getting placed in the "Function" namespace, because it doesn't exist.

However, there are a few standard namespaces:

You mustn't put any articles in these namespaces.

MediaWiki categories

Instead of using namespaces to organize the wiki, we use categories. To put an article in a category, put [[Category:<category name]] at the bottom of the page. Note that the function pages uses [[Category:PunBB Functions|<function name>]] instad.

The categories are generally made up of the level 2 headlines on the Main_Page, with a few exceptions. To get a list of all the categories, visit Special:Categories. We don't use categories for images. To learn more about WikiMedia's categories, visit http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Category.

--Jansson 12:16, 16 April 2006 (GMT)

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