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If your punBB installation is multilingual, the registration emails will be sent in the forum's default language anyway. Even though the user could have a basic understanding of the default language, the registration email is more likely to get caught in a spam filter. Especially hotmail's spam filter has a problem with that.

This is a fix in register.php (for punbb version 1.2.10+):

Find this:

        // Add the user
        $db->query('INSERT INTO '.$db->prefix.'users (username, group_id, ...
        $new_uid = $db->insert_id();

And add this below:

        // Reset language if different from current default language (affecting email and result page)
        if ($pun_user['language'] != $language) {
           global $pun_user, $lang_common, $lang_register;
           $pun_user['language'] = $language;
            include PUN_ROOT.'lang/'.$pun_user['language'].'/common.php';
           include PUN_ROOT.'lang/'.$pun_user['language'].'/register.php';

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