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This article comes from the following thread started by Paul: http://forums.punbb.org/viewtopic.php?id=5791

Several excellent guides plus browser compatability chart.

Some cool tutorials

A great tutorial on CSS selectors and how to use them

Everything you wanted to know about floats and were afraid to ask (Well everything apart from why they are such pain to use)

More about containing/clearing floats

Getting fancy with lists and menus

CSS Forum and losts of resources

Bugs, hacks and why your site goes splat in Internet Explorer

IE5 Mac and why it may ruin your day/month/year/life

The css box model in 3D. One look at this graphic and a lot of things become clear.

For inspiration and more links

Articles and tutorials related to accessability issues and an ongoing experiment to make a phpbb forum accessible

Some guru sites and blogs with aricles/tutorials

Lots and lots of links to useful stuff

Zen Garden browser

Open Source designs

Web Developer extension for Firefox 1.0

Sitepoint.com client side tutorials on CSS

Markup and CSS documentation, specifications, 'The Manual'


CSS layouts, tips, tricks, and techniques

Web developer help forum

Cool style generator

Good css editor with autocomplete and edit colors etc.

For XHTML and CSS tutorials

Tools for optimizing style sheets

The Web Developers Handbook. An absolutely massive resource listing for xhtml/css etc some in German as well as English

More about webdesign, but has references to CSS

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