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When you have made your project, you will automatically be redirected to the managing of that project (notice how the menu to the left was extended by a few more links). You can also get here by clicking Manage submissions and click on the project you want to edit.

Start by clicking on Releases and then the Create new which now reveals itself under Releases. Now, start by filling in the version field. This is the version of your release of the project.

The next field is Type, but you don't have to worry about this one. Instead, have a look at the ReadMe header. In this field, input the header of the readme file in the release. The header is the part where every line starts with ##. The ReadMe header is what will be posted in the release thread. The release thread is a thread posted in the Project release forum. It's useful to discuss the current release. The info will be posted in a [code] block and therefor, no bbcode will work inside. Neither do [img] or smilies. You may also include any other info here necessary to install the mod.

Press submit when you're ready to post the release. Note that you can not change anything in the release after it's posted. You can only remove it and add a new.

When you have pressed submit, you will be redirected to upload files.

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